Sanvi Engineering Sdn Bhd is a successful vending machine supplier in Malaysia. With the expert knowledge we gain over the years, have enables us to manufacturing high technology vending machine. Besides that, we offer wide selection custom made products to provide better services to our customers. Our team will constantly be updating our inventory, offering the latest vending machine at great prices.


- We strive to be the leading and reliable supplier that provides quality products and services that meet the needs of various segments of the industry to focus on business.

- Implement an effective marketing strategy that can attract customers to stay with us.


- Provide products and services effectively, efficiently, and safely in addition to creative marketing strategies and innovative products to maximize customer satisfaction.

- Applying a long-term relationship with our clients based on safety, quality and performance to meet their needs.

- Become a competitive and competitive in a very challenging business world.


- Sanvi Engineering Sdn Bhd become the market leader and a leading producer of products and services that is trusted by customers in Malaysia.

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